Slider Adjustments

Hi we’re using the slider to show latest posts and would like to make to adjustments:

  1. Add an colour overlay opacity layer so the text “pops” out more. Tried surrounding the slider in a div in header.php and setting the CSS for that div, but spent 2 hours on it trying various setting can get the overlay, but can’t bring the text forward even with a z-index of 1000!

  2. Reverse the order of the slides (or offset by one) so that we don’t end up with the same post on the first slide as is below it on the latest post, it looks a bit repetitive.

Hey there

Can help you with the first question but second one requires customization of the theme files and I cant help in this case,
Please provide a link to your website

Hi there, that’s fine the colour overlay would be great please, here is the site:

Kind regards,

Hi there

  1. Something like this is possible with titles:

div.flex-caption {
background: #00000094;

  1. unfortunately without major modifications its not possible to change order or slides :frowning: