Slider categories


I am setting up a shop with WooCommerce (just for testing) and have the great Dazzling Theme istalled.
I wanted to add pictures to the slider, but I just can’t in the documentation is written, that I have to chose a category, but there are no categories to chose. How can I add a category?

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Edit: “Check if you want to enable slider” is of course checked. There is also the drop down menu for categories - just empty :frowning:

Just right now, I found it out by my own.

If somebody has by any chance the same problem: here is the solution:
You have to have a post (or more). The posts for the slider have to have the same category. Then at theme options you can chose this category.

As my page is still empty and I deleted all the sample content, I needed quite long to figure it out :slight_smile:

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This theme doesn’t support WooCommerce products or categories for slider. You can fix that by creating slider “manually”. Here I have described how you can get it done.

Other options are:

  • You can replace slider with some plugins such as Meta Slider.
  • Or create posts with featured images that would be used for slider (follow theme documentation). Now that you are done with this part, point those posts to related WooCommerce products by using this plugin. Your users won’t see those posts and will be sent directly to product pages you select.

Thank you very much for your answer! I didn’t mean WC-categories, but categories for slider. I didn’t understand, that these are the posts categories.

But thank you so much for your support!