Slider doesn't always show

Just recently - about the same time I noticed the hamburger menu not working on mobile (wp mobile menu doesnt work) - I noticed that my slider doesn’t always appear. Sometimes it is there - more often its not - especially on mobile. Please can you look at this for me - especially on mobile.

Thank You

Hi there

For the menu, I suggest using this plugin,

I can clearly see the slider, what is the device you are using and have the problem?

Thank you - I will try max mega menu.
I use an iPhone 11 - and most of the time lately, the slider is not showing.
Sometimes on my Mac - the slider doesn’t show or takes a long time to show.


Well, are you using any caching plugin? can you please disable it temporarily?
I checked it once again and slider is showing without any problem for me,

I agree - it is working at the moment for me - but this is usually sporadic
I have just deactivated w3 total cache plugin.

its not actually working at the moment