Slider doesn't snow featured images only description

Hey Aigars!

Thanks for a great, great theme :slight_smile:
I’m currently working to publish my first self-hosted webside and use your theme, but I came across one problem – the slider on the front page do not appear correctly – instead of showing pictures and description under the main menu, it shows only description at the top of the page.
What can be possible reason for that?

I’m not IT expert, so maybe my question seems to you naive, but for me it’s a real deal.
Thanks for your support in advance! And thanks for the theme :slight_smile: )

You haven’t set Featured Image for posts/pages you are using for slader.
When editing post/page make sure you have image set under “Featured Image” in the widget on the right side.

OK, seems that I simply got lost in the translation – in my Polish WP version it was “ikonka wpisu” so… probably that’s why I coudn’t figure it out.
Thank you very much, now it’s working perfectly and you made my day much happier! :slight_smile:
Once again thanks for the theme, quick answer and your support!
Have a nice day :slight_smile: