Slider height and images

Hi Movin,
I have the same problem with the image of my slider that stretched vertically,but I think the images are bigger than the 1920 x 700 px size I set up. Could you check this for me please ?
Otherwise, I don’t understand what exact size of images I should take so that everything fits perfectly and the image is not cropped or stretched…
And also for the thumbnails, I can’t get why they have different sizes on the front page :frowning:

Thank you very much for your advice, it is SO helpful !!


My site :

Hi Céline,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

The slider images size should be 1920px X 550px and to make thumbnail sizes same you have to regenerate thumbnails using the following plugin.

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Hi Movin,
I’m sorry, I tried all this but it is still not working :

  • I wanted a higher slider so now in the CSS you can see that the size is 1920 x 550 px :

.flexslider {
height: 550px
img.attachment-activello-slider.size-activello-slider.wp-post-image {
height: 550px;

However, when you look at the slider on the screen, you can see that if we assume the slider width is 1920, the height is not 550 px…

  • I’ve added images of this size, and also tried with bigger images but nothings works, the image always stretches…
  • I’ve regenerated thumbnails several times (after each trial) but that doesn’t change anything

Is the size mentioned in the CSS the same as on the image properties or am I looking at the wrong place ?

The theme slider is just awesome and I would really love to have a proper slider image :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and patience !

Your shared custom CSS code is causing this issue so please temporary remove it on your site.

Hi Movin,
Thank you for your help. It’s done :slight_smile:

You are most welcome here :slight_smile:

Haha I’ve removed it but my slider is as small as at the beginning now :frowning:

You can see on our demo site here that the slider images are displaying same size as your site which is default slider size.

If you want to change the slider size then you have to use custom plugin solution shared in the following topic.


Being curious, I somehow actually activated another theme. All went well with some minor fixes to get back Activello. The only issue I see is that I can’t get the wider slider now. The original one doesn’t look right now.
It’s as if it’s been cropped in a space intended to be another size. I tried the Force Regenerate Thumbnails thinking it was a fix. I don’t see any difference. Help please!

@jacqueline You can use custom plugin solution shared in the following topic to display slider image size however you want.

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