Slider Height // Featured Image Size

First off, thank you for the beautiful and free themes.

I just installed Sparkling and cannot find a GUI-based setting to adjust the height, or restrict the height of the slider image.

I created a new post, added 1 photo (2048 × 1536), set that photo to be my featured image, and posted it.

Now on my home screen, the slider photo for this image is proportional to the actual dimensions of the original photo, but due to the size of the image, my main screen slider takes up my whole browser.

Is there a way to set a limit, preferably in height, so that the slider stays a static height? This should help when different featured images are different sizes…

Same problem here, I want the slider to be fixed at 480px height and still 100% wide but it doesn’t look like you got an answer to your question.

I’d love to find out as well. I tried messing with CSS but couldn’t work it out.

Hey @m00se @benchilcote

This thread is outdated therefore please start your own thread and we will help you from there