Slider how to set up ?

Have problem with slider…
Have 3 .jpg sized 1920x550
Id created a post when i stick all 3 named categorie slider photo
Used theme menu enable slider for 3 images and categorie slider photo
but all ai have is small black something on top of site…
Also not sure why site looks not good in IE. thats the url i use…

Each slide equals one post from that category. Right now you have one post with multiple images and that’s not enough.

You need to create a post for each of these images and set featured image for each and every of these posts you want to display in slider.

So the slider uses images from posts? Is that the only way to do it? I would rather have images and text that are unique to the slider.

Slider uses featured images from posts and excerpt text that can be tweaked via Excerpt field when editing post. And that’s the only way to do it unless you want to create your own solution or replace with some plugin.