Slider images on home page not showing full width

I have just noticed that the slider on the home page is showing some grey padding to the right and left of the slider.

The slider was showing full width when I first set it up last year - so I am not sure whats happened to make it look like this.

The images in the slider/ featured post images are the recommended size of 1920 x 550 pixels.

Is there some css that can make the image stretch to the full width of the screen?

I would appreciate your help as I cant figure out how to fix it.


Hi @meganmc

Thanks for reaching out to us, I took a look at your website and I don’t see where the issue is.

Could you send a screenshot from your perspective?

Kind Regards,

Thank you for taking a look at this.

I went to take a screenshot and I noticed that my browser setting was at 90%.

I set my browser back to 100% and all is OK. I don’t know why my browser was set to 90%.

Apologies for wasting your time on something so stupid!

Thanks, Megan

ps. Activello is an awesome theme - I love it.

You are most welcome here :slight_smile: