Slider inactive when "Home" is visited again

Hello, first of all: thanks for your work! Great theme.
My website is
At first the slider works perfectly, but when I go somewhere else and then click “Home” again, the slider is not showing up. How can I fix this?

Am I right that you are using Safari on Mac?

I would appreciate if you could run a test for me.

Could you please replace first part of functions.min.js file which you can find on dazzling - inc -js

with this

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
    jQuery('.comment-reply-link').addClass('btn btn-default');
    jQuery('#submit').addClass('btn btn-default');
    jQuery('.wpcf7-submit').addClass('btn btn-default');
    jQuery('input[type="submit"]').addClass('btn btn-default');
    jQuery('.widget_rss ul').addClass('media-list');
    jQuery('table#wp-calendar').addClass('table table-striped');

Leave everything as is that comes after

// jQuery powered scroll to top

Let me know when it is done and I will test your website if this resolve the problem.

nice, thank you! it works perfectly :slight_smile:

btw. I use chrome on osx

Thank you!

I will improve theme code on the next theme update. One is already under review, so I won’t be able to update it anymore but version after that will fix this issue.

This glitch happens only if some other scripts are running and conflicts with slider, so it is not a general issue but it will still be fixed.

Thank for your time testing this!