Slider is not properly configured

Slider is not properly configured - how to solve this?
I created posts with featured images.

I happen to experience the same problem. Now I wonder if there is any external call to make the slider run.

Unfortunately I cannot post a direct link to the site because I do not have DNS records to get to it (It is in my LAN Devel server).

The error is exactly the same as the one posted above: “Slider is not properly configured”. As far as I’m concerned I did configured it as mentioned in the documentation… created a Category, added posts with featured images to that category and enabled the slider option using the category created.

Perhaps it could be an issue with the webserver (Nginx) but I do not see any script errors. The slider simply wont load.

Edit: Fixed…

Basically I enabled the slider (which gave me the error yet I left it enabled), logout, close my browser to make sure I ended the session. Browsed back to the site, check the slider options and the category wasn’t selected… I reselected the category, Saved changes and the slider popped up.

All good now. Time to learn more about this beautiful theme.

Please, any hel?

I too getting same error. configured everything still getting error "Slider is not properly configured

I was getting the same error.
There are many suggestions in different posts and I tried using them all. Finally I managed to get it working.
This is how I did it.
Although I had to do many trials and errors.
Firstly I couldn’t find the Slider Settings as it is not present in Dashboard under appearance section as mentioned in the theme support (Dazzling Theme Documentation).
To find the Slider Settings follow this path : Customize > Dazzling Options > Slider Options

Anyway coming back to the main problem.
So it turns out that you can fix this error if you try changing the Slider Settings…
I made a test post with a featured image and created the category “Sliders” for it, just to see how the slider works. And initially it seemed to work perfectly in the preview.
But when I clicked on Save and Publish and closed the Customize bar, the slider did not appear.
Instead it said : Slider is not Properly Configured
So my Slider Settings at this point were these: Slider Category - Sliders and Number of slide items - 3.
So I first made 2 more posts with featured images in the same Category. But that too did not seem to work.
Then I made 3 more test posts in a new category and named it “Others”.
I then changed the Slider Settings as these : Slider Category - Others and Number of slide items - 3
This too did not work out for me.
Then I just changed the Number of slide items to 2.
So the settings looked like this now : Slider Category - Others and Number of slide items - 2
This is where my slider worked perfectly after clicking Save and Publish and closing the Customize bar.
It has been working fine since. I later changed the Number of slides back to 3 and it was still working fine.

So it seems that randomly changing the settings in the Slider Settings does the trick.
The settings you need to tinker with are : Slider Category and Number of posts.
It may sound odd and not technical or professional but that is exactly what worked for me and my website is working absolutely fine now.
You can check it here
Hopefully it will work for you too.

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