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Hi all, i need your help and appreciate your feedback. I wanted to setup “Featured Slider” for my homepage. In the documentation it says the Flexslider image slider is built in into theme and the Slider Settings are located in “Theme Options – Main”, where I just have to “enable slider tick checkbox”. Unfortunately there is nothing like that visible in my basic version, which is in German. Could you please tell me, where I can enable/start the slider?

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I can set up an example for you please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will create example for you

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Colorlib Support Team

Hi Noda, thank you for your kind offer.
Meanwhile I found the path “Customizer – Dazzling Options – slider options” and found out, that only blogpost can be shown in the sliders. I would prefer to select topics of the slider (for example links to pages) - 1. Can I change topics of the sliders?
Nonetheless I have the following info: “Slider is not properly configured”. - 2. What did I do wrong?
Further on I selected your theme because of the Call to action button right underneath the slider (“Do you like this awesome and free WordPress WooCommerce theme? - download her”) - 3. How can I integrate the CTA button?
4. How can I integrate a shop page/ the WooCommerce application?
5. How can I change the colours in the background of the visible words in the Slider? Can I just have/select white fonds colour for the words - without any background-colours?
Here are the asked informations: - Simone - Anamos2020.
Thanks a lot for your help and understanding, Noda!!!