Slider not working after update how to fix it?

I updated to the latest version of Travelify (1.3.2), and the homepage slider stopped working. Is this a bug, or do you have any thoughts as to why this would have happened?

I should add that I have double-checked all settings, and everything appears to be correct.

I see that you got it working again.
The thing is that your slider stopped working because of W3 Total Cache plugin that you setup incorrectly. You minified all the javascript files into one big chunk but each file had a different dependency on other Javascript files so it just stopped working.
W3 Total Cache is an amazing and powerful plugin but can be harmful if setup without looking into all its settings.

I have the same problem with w3 cache and travelify theme. Can I turn off the plugin’s minifying action on javascript to solve this problem?
The main menu doesn’t work too.
Thank you.

Yes, just uncheck Minify option from W3 Total Cache and it should work just fine. Other options such as Browser Cache, Database Cache, Object Cache can be used without any problems.