Slider on all pages

Gentlemen, it has been asked several times: how do I get the slider on all pages. I looked at the given answers, and got nowhere. Most of them referred to a different theme, and I got php errors trying to follow then. Somewhere I left of a } or something, and php doesn’t like that.

Second question: how to I remove the dots indicating how many images are used?
Last question: It is possible to show images only, without text?

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Hi @josf,

You could put the slider on each page just with a help from a developer because it requires some custom work, because you will change the theme functionality.
To remove the dots use this css code:

.flex-control-nav {

If you want to show just images, not text, you will need to hide those elements. If you want to hide the elements use this css code:

.flex-caption .excerpt{

.flex-caption h2 {