Slider-Picutre with no link or link to the homepage


i create some pages with integretaed pictures. I take the ID´s from this pages and insert it to the thememenue, like you describe in your documentation. Slider works. So far, so good.
When i click now to one of the Sliderpicutres, the Link opened the page wiht no content, but i only need this page for the slider. It looks not so good.
It would be better, i can modify the Link to my Homepageadress. Or can I somehow turn off this function? No backed link would also be ok.
Have you here a solution.
Great Thx.

There are two options.

First is that you can use plugin that allows you to set custom target link for your pages you create for slider. They can point to category pages, posts or even outside your website.
There are many other similar plugins but I have used this a lot and I can strongly recommend it.

Second option is to remove link by modifying header-extensions.php file. Here is a nice tutorials on that with full code example:

Thx for your reply.

The solution with the plugin is the presumably easier way. Unfortunately i´m not a php-Profi.
At this plugin I have not even thought of. I’m just a bit confused because it’s older and is probably no longer supported. But it works. However, what happens in the future?

Unfortunately, even a small flaw: Now, when I glide with the mouse over the sliderimage, a small text box will appear with the page title. Although a small thing, but maybe you have this yet have a solution?

Or i try the second option. When i do this, is there also this “little box”?

This plugin haven’t been updated for a while but it is so basic that there is nothing that should be updated. It is basically a few lines of code that replaces the_permalink with your own URL.

And my give php code is copy/paste solution and you don’t have to actually know any of it.

That box is called “title” and it does appear almost anywhere in the website, such as links, post titles, logo and other elements on hover. I see that you haven’t used internet a lot :slight_smile:

It takes some time to get rid of this title element from slider, therefore it is out of scope of free support.

ok, i also tried the second option, which also works, but there is still this litte box whith the page title. And what I have read so far, this box can not easily be removed. Right?

Ups, you were faster

Oh, I’m much more on the internet on the go. I am just this box have not noticed before. Can live with it.

Title usually takes some 2 seconds to load but no one has a time for that. :slight_smile: