Slider problem

The first slider image is not showing up. It appears as empty space where the image and text would appear. The subsequent slider images appear properly, but when the first comes around, it’s empty. We have 6 posts set up each with proper featured images and Category. The funny thing is that it was working previously. Problem started a few weeks ago.
Hope you can help. You are doing a great job.

Hi @canoehull,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Have you made any changes in your site recently which caused this issue?

Could you please share me your site URL where it’s happening so that i can troubleshoot it?

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I played with the issue for a while and think I found a solution to the problem.
For some unknown reason, the post that was the first on the list of 4 was not registering as a “proper” post. It had a featured image and looked like a post, but for some reason when it came around in the slider, all you saw was a blank spot. I deleted the post and then recreated an exact duplicate. Then the post appeared properly in the slider. Problem solved.

Thanks for your assistance.

Awesome great to see you got that resolved.

Please advise if you have more questions.

Have a fantastic day!