Slider setup

Can you please explain this is layman’s terms, in English , it make no sense.

Create Post or Page - ok DONE
and add featured image to it. WHat? where is this, How?
I go to Featured Post/Page Slider Options, I click the Pencil icon near image #1 and it takes me back to the Post dashboard?
I open a post page and I see no option to “add a featured image” what does that mean?

Add all the Post ID that you want to use in the featured slider. What from where do i do this?
Post ID can be found at All Posts table in last column
Featured Slider will show featured images, Title and excerpt of the respected added post IDs. It won’t show the full post?


Is this resolved or are you still having a problem getting it to work?


First, I’m sorry for my English, it’s not good. But I’ll try very hard to explain my question:
Please, tell me how can I assign the size of the text - number of letters or sentences in the slider? Now there is too large piece of text in slider((( Or, it will better, how can I assign a specific text for the slider?

If it is unclear asked, clarify please, I will explain more accurately. And if there was already similar question, please write a link, I couldn’t find a search((

Thank you!

Sorry, I need to create new subject(( And I dont see how delete this entry((

Hi there

Will close this case because this is an old ticket and @asalie has created new ticket