Slider Size

Ok a little confused here

Added home slider using category tag. Images are 1170px wide but there is an enormous gap on the right hand side of the page I have tried both full width and default settings for home page.

Site is under construction so here are some login details


You forgot to mention your website URL where testing site is present.

1170px for Unite theme should be enough if slider is used directly in post content by using slider shortcode [image-carousel twbs="3"] (default one)

Sorry here is link your tag did not work

Tried inspect element but can not see what is causing gapping.

PS would be cool to see an option to make a post private on your forum for supplying log in details.

These are your own customizations added inside Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS or some other Custom CSS generator.

This is the code that you should remove or at least edit:

#primary {
	margin-left: 1.5%;
	width: 77%;

I will remove your password from public once we will be done with this.

Oops. All fixed. I am using visual composer plugin which works REALLY well with your theme. It allows me to set custom CSS just for the home page.

Thanks For the help. Great work and nice and clean.

You have a paid version of this theme?

This theme is completely free and open source and I would like to keep it that way.

I am looking to build premium WordPress themes as well but my skills are not there yet as I just started to learn web development and design.