Slider text and title

Hi Aigars!

I am using Unite for myself and travelify for my friend.
And somehow I mixed up the carousel/sliders.

I first tried to use the carousel from Unite for travelify but this doesn’t seem to work, since it simply showed the images und text instead of creating the carousel.

The main thing I am trying to achieve is to use different titles und experpts than the post the slider is linking to.
I want to link to a gallery page. Pagetitle is “Gallery” and Text something like “here is the showroom”.
In the slider I want to link to that page, but display as title “studiotour” and have different text as excpert. Is that even possible?


Unite slider won’t work for Travelify because it is Bootstrap 3 based but Travelify is a completely custom built solution that doesn’t have Bootstrap.

You can control Post/Page Excerpt via Excerpt field which you will find under Post edit screen. Since Pages in WordPress doesn’t have excerpt field enabled by default you can enable it by using this simple plugin:

Different title in slider could be challenging. If you are not developer yourself, I can teach you have to cheat.

  • Install this plugin name says it all
  • Create 2 pages - one that will be displayed in slider and second one where slider will be actually pointing that you can set by using this plugin mentioned above.

Not the cleanest solution but it does work and doesn’t require masters degree in computer sciences :slight_smile: