Slider with pictures


I would like to have a slider with just pictures on my homepage. How do I do this?

Hope you can help me!

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You can add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS and save changes.

.featured-text {
    display: none;

This will hide text area on slider, further you can setup slider like you would normally. You can check documentation for more info: Travelify Theme Instructions - Colorlib

How do I get the Slider setup and showing in my blog website. Please give me a step by step

Also the Dazzling Demo shows a teal green bar below picture. How do you get that to appear?
Is it in the Button Features?

escapehomeartist, please create a new forum thead because this one is related to a completely different theme

Hi Aigars,

Thanks for your feedback. I have adjusted the text, but I still don’t see a slider on my site :frowning: What do I do wrong?

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Please read theme documentation Travelify Theme Instructions - Colorlib especially the part which says “6. Set up Homepage Featured Slider”

The image you are using now is “Custom Header” and has nothing to do with Slider. Slider can be enabled and tweaked via Theme Options.