【Slim2】I can’t crawl on iPad / iPhone

Nice to meet you
I bought “slim2”.
There is a problem that the first view cannot be crawled on the iPad / iPhone.
You can see below with the menu button.
How can I solve it?
The solution to a similar question about “Slim” that was already asked did not help.
I am Japanese. I translated it into English by Google Translate.
I’m sorry for the poor grammar.

I’m the poster.
Works on ipad pro, ipad mini and other tablets,
I will confirm a little more.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Hi Philip

Sorry, but can you please clarify what do you mean by " cannot be crawled " ?

Thank you colorlibsupport.
“cannot be crawled” meant that you couldn’t “swipe” from the top page.
Some devices can be swiped and some cannot.
I will check the operation a little more.


Ok, just tried this on my side and it worked normally for me…?