Small changes

Hi! I got a problem with my pinbin theme.

The boxes with posts are shown in strange way and the “previous” option is also paste in different ways. I know it depends of width but I don’t know what size will be perfect. How to fix it?

Or how to change the words “Previous” and "Next " to automatically see more boxes after scroll the website to down.

And once more.
How to change the size of featured image in single post or make it in middle space.

And the last
I’m not sure what should I do with Footer Widget Area. I think that now it look just fine I expected effect WOW! I think about make social bar at top the website but what should I do with subscribe form? Any ideas?

It will be nice if you would like to share your opinion about I still looking for the best solutions to meke my website more funktional and nice at all.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @travelabel,

I hope you are well today and sorry for the delay here.

Do you still need assistance regarding this question?

Please advise.

Kind Regards,