So..I kinda broke my WordPress Footer for Travelify theme

Hi all

I am running the Travelify theme at and all has been fine until today. I did some very minor poking in the templates (I have added Infolinks to my site today and I was adding the simple code <!–INFOLINKS_OFF–> they provide to stop it placing links in my Header section and also the Right Hand side bar).

Now, I thought this was quite simple and that I had it nailed, added the code and it appeared to stop the links appearing in those 2 sections. Except a short while later I noticed that my Adsense ad that was previously in my footer, was now in my RH Sidebar. I removed it and tried to re-install the code in a new Footer widget, and the same thing happened. I then tried a standard normal wordpress widget(calendar) and same thing happened.

It was only then that I realised that my copyright notice and Colorlib credit had also moved to the RH Sidebar.

I’ve removed all the info links code and it’s still doing it. Everything that should appear in the Footer, is sitting in the RH Sidebar.

Anyone any suggestions of where I should look to fix this? Obviously I can re-install my blog from a backup if needed but it seems a bit overkill. I barely touched anything so theoretically the fix should be equally simple.

Theoretically :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Hmm, I’ve just also noticed a dotted line that runs across the page too. Looks like a divider on my posts but the top one actually runs behind my first post and About Me.