Social icon color on side menu for Sparkling WordPress theme

Hi, thanks for this amazing theme. I am right now working on it and I would like to add some social icons to the side bar. However, I can only see them if I hover on them. Is there a way the are alway visible as you have them in the demo page? Thanks!

Like the one you hav ehere on this page.

Please post your website URL and will look if there is anything I can help you with.

I cant, Im building it in a local host (USB, with instant wordpress), but the problem is what I explained. Im attaching some captures. Thanks.

Are you sure that you haven’t set social icon color to white inside Appearance >> Theme Options >> Social >> “Social icon color”. Because icons should appear by default and the only way you could hide them is by setting them to white. Maybe you used some other Custom CSS other than just Theme Options but anyway I see that social images are white.

Let me know if this is the case.

You´re right, I had done that. Thanks.