Social Icons in footer aren't displaying on certain pages

Noda -

I’ve discovered that the social icons in the footer do not display (just circles with a question mark) on some pages and posts but display fine on others. Main page is fine.

site =

All plugins have been rolled back as far as I think it was working fine.


Hi there
Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
I just checked your site and the icons are showing just fine as in the screenshot below.

Kindly confirm were you able to fix the issue or I’m missing something.
Colorlib Support Team

As mentioned - some pages/posts are working fine…others are not. For instance, the screenshot I am uploading does not display correctly (web address is at top of screen shot).

Hello Rich

Yes, I see it, it’s happening on about page for example, but the weird thing is that on the homepage site uses font awesome icons and on the about page SVG icons, do you know how this might happen?
Rich, can you please provide access details?

Thanks Noda - appreciate it

You have permissions for 3 days (I can reset if needed).
[email protected]

Good morning Rich

from the first shout, I was not able to find the problem, not sure if this is a theme issue,
Rich, you have 45 active plugins, may ask why? you also have 16 pending updates, I believe some of the plugins are not used but they are still active.

  1. deactivate and remove all unused plugins
  2. deactivate all third party plugins to check the plugin conflicts, I think this is a conflict with third-party plugins