Social icons in menu

How can I add the social icons on the menu like the picture attached?

NOTE WELL that The social icons are in the place of “search” tab…

Another thing… how can I add this amazing widget for social links ?

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  1. In order to add the social icons, you may follow this video as a guide:
  1. I don’t think this widget is available with the theme, however, if you could provide me with a link to a page it I’ll be more than happy to scan the code for a clue in regards to where it came from.

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Thank you :slight_smile: here it isn’t the site where I see the social widget

Could it be possible to have a same one ?

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Unfortunately, that widget looks pretty exclusive to that theme. I was hoping it was a plugin but it wasn’t. You’d have to use code to create something similar if you’d like or search for a similar plugin.

Sorry about that.

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