Social media and Services section icons not showing

The icons for social media and those in the Services section are not showing. Instead, there are circles with question and exclamation marks flashing inside. I am using the free version of the theme. I’ve cleared cache and website history and also tried loading the site on multiple devices using different browsers. None are showing the appropriate icons. All are showing the circle flashing “!” and “?”. Please help and be as detailed as possible with your recommendations/thoughts. Website:

Thank you!

Hi ceeceebodies

I can clearly see social icons on your website, please provide a screenshot from your screen

Hello, i have the same problem…

is not possible to choice icone…

Hi there

Please provide a link to the page and I will check it


thank you for your reply. The link is

is here some solution? Or is possible to load a custom icon?
I found this topic: Change Service Icons - #3 by mikesupport17
But its not working too…Or would be possible get instruction “step by step” how it use?

Thank you.

Hey there

Please send me your admin details privately here in my inbox and I will check it

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