Social media icons for Sparkling theme

Hi, how do install the social media icons ‘Like’ and ‘sharing’ for twitter, fb, link, on the posts?

I cannot find any instructions in the document page.

It is a nice looking theme.


There is no such functionality built in theme (there are icons in footer and widget area but they are different) and you should use some social sharing plugin or add those icons manually. Personally I recommend Jetpack plugin which has loads of other awesome features as well.

Thank you for your prompt response. I downloaded the Jetpack from WP and saw that it has loads of features just as you mentioned. I watched the video on how to enable the sharing feature but when I went to the settings page i couldn’t find the setting feature or any of the other features. Is it not compatible for this theme or is it because my website is hosted by Godaddy and not thru WP?

Does your other themes have the like and sharing icons on the blogs page by default?

Tks again

It is 100% compatible. You just need to enable modules that you would like to use via WordPress dashboard - Jetpack - Settings.

Thank you Aigars for your clarification and I’ve installed the sharing buttons on the website. Please accept my apologies for inferring that your theme may be not compatible with Jetpack.