Social media icons in the header

Hi, I am a beginner in making websites and have looked through the forum and on other help pages but have not found anywhere explaining how to be able to add social media icons onto the main menu header area (or an area above it) where the primary menu and logo are found for the particular theme Shapely. Preferably to ensure the icons and rest of the primary menu and logo all display nicely together on mobile devices also. So either center aligned or to the right of the primary menu whatever works best on mobile devices.
My website is
I look forward to your assistance.
Thank you

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In order to add the social media icons you need create a menu with you social media links and assign it to the social media menu location. In order to do this, go to Appearance > Menus then create a new menu with the social media links and then scroll down to Menu Settings > Display Location and assign the new menu to the Social Media menu location.

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