Social menu location

The Menus section says that Dazzling supports 3 menu locations, Primary, Footer, and Social

Your theme supports 3 menus. Select which menu appears in each location.

Theme Location Assigned Menu
Primary Menu EditEdit selected menu Use new menu
Footer Links Use new menu
Social Menu EditEdit selected menu Use new menu

I created a social menu but when I select its location as “Social Menu” it doesn’t display anywhere on the site.
Where is the Social Menu location?
I want it at the top of my site if that is possible.


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You may have the social icons set to be displayed in the footer. Also, could you please check to ensure that you have social media links applied in the social menu as that could also be the reason why it will not appear.

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The only social links I have defined are in the Social Menu, using Social Menu Icons plugin.
The only way the links are displayed is if I select “Display Social Links” in the general options and then they are displayed in the footer.
I the footer the only place I can display them? How do I get them displayed at the top of the page?

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As it stands, the theme only has the option to display the social Icons in the footer. However, I can go ahead and pass a note on the our development team so that they can look into adding the option to have the social icons displayed in the header, added in with a future update of the theme.

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