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We are using this Solmusic template ( purchased ) for streaming music and the download option.

We are concern about securing the music files, with your experience, how do we achieve this?

Secondly, check the above-attached image, create an account, which page represents this?

Thirdly, how do we gather users’ information who subscribe or log-in?

Fourthly, the download page is also not available.

Fifthly, how do we set up a dashboard for the client-side to upload content such as images and music files?

Sixthly, we want to integrate a payment gateway but it seems the subscription page does not exist. How do we generate the page for this purpose?

Looking towards your reply.

Thank you

Hey there

Please avoid posting more than 3- or max 4 question in the ticket :smiley:

  1. It’s up to you, this is an HTML template and anything can be added here
  2. there is no such page created, you need to create it yourself this is just an HTML template, no such features are included in the HTML template, you have to create that functionality yourself

You need to consider, HTML templates do not have any functionality behind it, it’s just a skin of the site

However, if you have resources that can assist us, no matter its significance, we will appreciate it. We have assumed these items or functionalities will come along.

Hi @idris

that’s not an easy question, because I don’t know what is your goal, what do you want to have in the backend, this question needs discussion which I cant offered here, unfortunately.
All you need in this case is knowing PHP, there is no special tutorial that will help you in this case, you only need PHP and frontend programming skills