Some problems with Illdy

Hello everyone

I’m having some problems with the Illdy template which I detail below.

The “Counter Sidebar” widget does not display the numbers it should display, this problem came after updating the theme.

The “Team Sidebar” widget does not display correctly aligned items.

At the moment it’s just that.

Thank you very much.

Hi Marcelo,

Could you send us the website link to check?



Problems solved!

I now have a problem with the Chrome logo. When I open the home the logo looks great but if I go to see some product from the store, the logo shrinks too. I think this is a problem with the style sheet with woocommerce. I edited the following lines to the woocommerce style css (woocommerce-layout.css)

.woocommerce img,.woocommerce-page img{height:auto;max-width:auto}

Changed max-width:100% with max-width:auto

and the problem was solved in Mozilla Firefox, but in Google Chrome it continues to look small

Website url:

Hi Marcelo,

I just checked your website and I could not see where is the problem.

Could you point me our where is the problem?



Yes, problem solved again :stuck_out_tongue: (Chrome cookies problem)

Now i cant see the CSS Editor submenu under Appearance menu. Why?


Where i can put css code that will be “important”?


Try to use a css plugin:




We have encountered the same issue with the counter section. Solution here may help.

Regards, team