Some Titles Not Displaying on Mobile

browser: Safari (iPhone)

Some titles are not showing in the mobile version, specifically the “About” section and “Contact Us.” Also under “Contact Us” customer support is not showing. Under customizer if you select the mobile view, they also display fine

The site displays fine on the desktop version.

Please advise


I solved the “About” section by deleting the title in customizer, saving, then re-typing the title and re-saving. The About section now displays normally on desktop and mobile versions.

For the “contact” section, I tried the same to no avail. The customizer shows what I changed the title and “customer support” section to; however, the titles of the above mentioned still do not display. Seems to be a theme issue.

This is for both desktop and mobile versions


I didn’t see any contact section in the home page, did you remove that? If not, can you pass us the WP Login details in a private reply and we can able to login and debug what’s the issue.

Make sure you’re running on all latest version, and then disable all the other plugins and see that solves anything.

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I have the same issue. When I’m logged in I see ‘Contact us’, ‘Customer Support’ and ‘Address’ in the contact section. When logged out, they dissapear :s

I’m using a child-theme

Hi @cicero83,

For now, can you check the solution here:

The issue is already reported to the developers, it will be fixed in the next version.

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The latest update has resolved the issue