Sonar theme mouse scrolling

Hi in 3000x2000 huawei laptop sonar theme has a scrolling issue, mouse wheel scrolling is not working until pointer is located in menu or gototop circle.

and this is the error in console:
Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener due to target being treated as passive

and sorry for saying this at last… the theme is great!

hey there

Is this problem already resolved?
Html templates may have such features disable but they can be enabled again

Hi, the issue persist mouse wheel scroll only works when pointer is over owl carousel, menu or gototop button
I took a small videocapture.
This was taken in your preview page:
This only happens when i’m using my main monitor (3000x2000) not in my secondary monitor (1366x768)
Thanks again


I have a 4k screen and I was not able to reproduce this problem on my side? I also tried some on my second device and have the same result