Space gap on main page

When I set the main page as the default on full width, the title of the page is no longer shown. Instead, it its replaced by a black space and thus shows a gap. Is there anyway I can remove this gap? Thank you!

Please, post your website URL, so I can see your setup. Otherwise I can’t help you with this.

I uploaded 2 images to show the gap. One is from the contact page that shows proper spacing as the title is visible. However, the other image (homepage) which was set in the appearance > customize > static front page, you can see there is a gap because the title of the page does not appear. How would I move the entire content of the page to fill the gap? Let me know if this helps your understanding, thanks!

Hi Wordpressrobot, can you share with us your site URL?

There are going to be big changes with front-page on the next theme version that I have already submitted to It should be available shortly but if it will not fix your problem I will have to see your website URL to further help with this.

If you can’t wait for update to be available you can already download it from Github.

Hi Aigars,

I updated the parent theme, and it’s all fixed now. Thanks a lot!