Space or "gutter" between columns in Blog grid

I’m LOVING this theme, and would like to use the grid format for the primary blog page, but the two columns go right against each other, with no space in between them. How can I create a little space between the columns to make reading easier? The attached screenshot shows the problem. I don’t code but I can follow instructions.
Thank you!!!

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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Here it is…
Thank you!

I apologize, my client (God bless her) changed the theme trying to “learn” how Wordpress worked and blew up everything. I’ve reinstalled Wordpress and have the same issue with no gap with the two-column view. Please take another look as I’ve got it back up now.
Thank you!

Please take another look and let me know how to either stop the overlap in grid view on the blog page or I’ll be happy just to turn off grid view if I could find it.