Spacing/Margin issues

I had searched a lot of places and didn’t find anything that helped me out for what I need. The issues i’m having is wondering if I can adjust the spacing/margin between the Shapely Parallax widgets. I feel that its just a little too much spacing between them. I use the parallax widgets on both the home page template and the builder page template and would like to make sure that I can adjust the spacing in the other places I use it throughout the website and not just the home page.

The other issue i’m having is dealing with an extra gap of space between my last widget, and the footer. However, that gap only appears on my Builder Page templates and not my home page.

Home page Link:

Other pages with the Builder Page Template:

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Sections by default have 96px top and bottom paddings this can be changed by this css:

section {
padding: 30px 0;

regarding blank space between widgets on the homepage, please deactivate all your third party plugins and check again

Colorlib Support Team

I don’t normally jump in other people’s threads but this is exactly the question I was coming to ask. I tried changing the section padding as shown above but this only changes the padding on the content. The background parallax images stay huge and with the smaller padding on the content causes all of the content runs up onto the other parallax windows.

Can we change the size of the parallax windows? I have tried any number of padding/margin combinations and modified my image sizes more than a dozen times.


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@borzoid background parallax section padding size is optimal to adopt parallax section, in other words this space is normal and sometimes necessary to utilize parallax effect for various size of image, changing this is kind of not recommended