Spacing problem between my sections

Hi, please help! I have created a front page on Illdy, used some but not all sections. Space between each remaining section is massive… looks bad. Please help me reduce it in the simplest way possible. This is my site name

Thank you.

Hi there

Right now your website is not available, please check this: Screenshot by Lightshot

Please take a look at these screen shots of my site - I am looking for specific clear advice on how to reduce the spacing between the front page sections and also the spacing between the title and para 1 on my other pages. REALLY will appreciate the help as this site is nearly ready for launch. Thank you.

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 12.29.01|690x298

The spacing on my Services section (my front page) has gone wrong ! Any clear simple help on how to close the gap between the middle block or text and the image would be very much appreciated. ! I’m not good on coding so I’d love a really simple solution/ the exact code I need. Thanks so much
Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 12.30.44|690x412