Spanish Translation Updated

I have updated the spanish translation. I have included missing strings, clafidied some language and standardized capitalization.

The new files can be found here:

Sparkling es_ES

hope they help someone else

Hi @kemie,

I hope you are well today and thanks for sharing the transition here.

I hope it will help others who are searching for Spanish translation.

It seems the theme is already translated to Spanish by Hugo. You will find information about it here Our Contributors and Theme Translators - Colorlib and you will find the translation files in the theme directory /sparkling/languages/ and you will also find it here but if your translation contains more updated translation strings then we’ll do include it in our theme and will credit you on the contributors page.

Your help here is really appreciated.


Yes, I took Hugo’s translation as a base, but there were several strings missing that I added. I also made capitalization consistent and made a few strings clearer.
So yes, it is a more updated version.

Credit is not important but it would be good to update it so spanish speakers get a more complete translation.


Hi @kemie,

We’ll review your shared translation and make it available for users ASAP.

Thanks Again,