Sparkling and Block Editor

I had problems with photos not displaying properly when I produced a new blog post with the Block Editor, shortly after it was released in Dec 2018. It was suggested that this was because Sparkling wasn’t compatible with the new editor. Your support team seemed to confirm this at the time (see link below) and said that your developers were working on an upgrade.

Now, my interest in using the Block editor has been reignited and I’d like to know:

  1. Is Sparkling compatible with the Block Editor?
  2. If not, what are some comparable themes that I could use? And, very importantly, how do I do this and what are the risks?
  3. Anything else that might assist me in using the Block Editor, e.g resources, documentation, etc?


Hey there

What exactly is the problem? can you tell me how to reproduce your problem?
Please also include access details to your website privately and I will check it on your site