Sparkling and Gutenberg

I have a few site with Sparkling Child themes. I really like Sparkling, esp being a bootstrap fan.
I have sites on 4.9.8 with Sparkling 2.4.4
I have been watching the whole Gutenberg editor changes planned, I gather, for WordPress 5…
To test - I have replicated a Sparkling-Child site onto a dev server and installed the Gutenberg plugin. On the face of it, it seems to work OK although I think it will take some getting used to for my users…

Yes - I know the classic editor will be available as a plugin in WP5. But like it or love it - I know some of my users will prefer Gutenberg.
So, what I am trying to plan for the combined WordPress 5 + Gutenberg + Sparking 2.4.4

I would like to ask about Gutenberg for Sparkling:

  1. Are there any known snags/bugs with Sparkling when using Gutenberg ?
  2. Are there any fixes we need to apply in advance?
  3. Going forward, I know the Gutenberg plan will touch more parts of WP-admin, like the customisation screens. Are there plans (or any need) to update Sparkling to work with these Gutenberg changes as they roll-out?

Thanks for any guidance, and thanks again for a terrific Sparkling theme.

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  1. The only bugs associated with the two occur with certain third party plugins that have not been updated to work with Gutenburg but this is not common.

  2. There are no fixes at the moment.

  3. They would be updated but that depends on what exactly is released with the Gutenberg updates.

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Thanks for a quick response.
All good.

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In that case, please feel free to reach out once again in case you have any more questions.
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