Sparkling Blog displays on front page, how do I get rid of it?

My blog is displaying on my front page and on my Blog page.

If I use “default” for the front page, then the front page becomes the blog page (instead of my home page).

Currently when you enter my site the blog is at the top covering the main menu. You can’t actually select the “Home” or “About” buttons. No matter what button you select it triggers the Blog page.

Right now settings are “default” for front page, and “blog” for blog page.

I’ve tried many combinations, read the support forum. It doesn’t seem you can have a blog page without it also displaying on the front page, or the blog page actually becoming the front page.

Those posts on top of your main navigation are actually featured slider. You can disable it by going to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Main and unthicking “Check if you want to enable slider”.

Let me know if this helps.