Sparkling_Comment how to change the color of the titles and the captcha text

Hi! My website has a dark background and the text above the comment box and the captcha box is too dark. How can I change it to a lighter shade?

Also, I want to remove the red color that is default for a lot of elements in theme. I have changed everything through the customize option but it will still show up on title hover.

I am unable to customize the color for the text that appears after NOTHING FOUND if I click a page that doesn’t exist. I cannot keep a dark background anymore because text for a lot of things wont be visible since I cannot change the colors. Please help.


hey there

Please provide a direct link to the page(s) and screenshot of the issue, this can be fixed by he custom css


I have allowed comments only for this page. I hope you can view it. The footer size also gets messed up if I set captcha for the comment.

Title hover still red
If you hover over the title of the article, the color is red.

P.S i had to change the background because I didnt figure out the solution. My original one was two tones greyer than the current one. Nothing was visible on that one.


Hi there

You may use this css code to fix it:

.comment-reply-title, #respond > p, #respond p.comment-notes, p.logged-in-as, .comment-respond label {
color: #fff;