Sparkling Demo content will not import images

Hello Colorlib, great work

I have a problem.

I tried to import the sparkling demo content, The pages and posts seem to import, but all the images don’t.
There is an error message for each image.

When I look inside the .xml file I can see that the links to the jpg files dont connect.
Is it possible that I’m using an old version of this .xml

The one I found on the support forum posted by Aigars was

Any ideas what I should do?

Hi @junder,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

It seems you are facing the similar issue as described on the following topic so i have notified @Aigars to get his valuable reply here reading this.


Hi @junder,

Here is latest version of Sparkling demo content. Hopefully it will work better for you.

Many thanks for the new link Aigars.
I have re-imported using the new demo content xml file.

However I get a 504 error, Gateway Time-out.
When I click back (in chrome) to look what has been imported there are pages/posts/images But I’m not sure if its everything though.

Do you know what might cause such an error?


You get this error message when a script reaches the maximum execution time limit which results into maximum execution time exceeded error.

If you are using Nginx server then try using the solution posted on the following page to resolve the issue.

If not then use the below solutions to fix it.

Many Thanks for your help so far Movin, very much appreciated. I’ve now tried a few things:

I have tried the manual edit of php.ini But it did not help.

I tried the plugin it did not help

I tried adding set_time_limit(600); before ‘thats all’ in wp-config.php it did not help

I am getting 504 error after exactly 1 minute!

I uploaded phpinfo.php to my site (a subdomain for testing)
and I can see that set_time_limit is disabled…any ideas what I should do next?

@junder If it’s disabled on your server then you can contact your host to enable it.