Sparkling Dropdown Menu problem - opens on click and not hover

Hello, I have my problem on my website where the dropdown menu is visible on click event instead of hover event on the main menu. I am using Sparkling theme for my Wordpress website. The theme’s version is 1.8.3 and I am using the latest Wordpress version (4.2.2).

You can see it here:

I am using several plugins on the website, yet the problem persisted even when I deactivated them all. So, I am guessing it should be a JS issue somewhere.

Any ideas?


You are using Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes plugin but you haven’t configured it properly. Please see information at the very end of Sparkling theme documentation.

Let me know if this helps

Dear Aigars,

Since a few days my dropdown menu is not working anymore. Can you check what went wrong? My website

Thanks for your help!


Gert Jan


Disable completely all plugins and then clean your website and browser cache to see it this resolves your problem. If so, enable one plugin but another to see which ones breaks theme functionality.

Hello Aigirs,

Thanks for your reaction. I’ve disabled all plugins. Without any plugin the dropdown menu was not working.

I have no idea what can be the reason. Today there was an update for Easy Bootstrap. A couple of days ago everything was working fine.

On mobile device it is working fine.


Gert Jan

Now you have even more plugins activated than before. Now you should follow my message that I posted above.

Now I have deactivated all plugins. Without plugins it is not working.

Hello Aigars, I have configured it as the screenshot shows at the “Attention” area on the bottom of this page: Sparkling Theme Documentation - Colorlib.

Still, if you visit my website (, you have to click on a menu item which has a submenu for it to show, instead of becoming visible on hover.

What do I need to change?


Now that we are done with that part I can see that you have played around with theme code and have broken few things. Try adding this code to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Other >> Custom CSS.

@media (min-width: 979px) {
  ul.nav li.dropdown:hover ul.dropdown-menu {
    display: block;

This code also solved my problem… Thanks for your help!

Gert Jan


Hey mate! That worked perfectly, thank you very much! :slight_smile:


I noticed the same problem on 1.8.3. Navigation doesn’t work correctly for mobile devices. I rolled back for 1.8.1. Will this be fixed for 1.8.4? Many thanks.