Sparkling feature image doesn't fit well


Thanks for the beautiful theme :slight_smile: I have a question because i just added the Sparkling to WP theme but the feature image doesn’t fit right.
I upload images bigger than 1920x600px but still the image on the slider looks smaller that the size of the box (container). So far I have upload 3 images and the all are a little bit bigger than the established size, but anyways doesnt work. What can i do?

And also the resolution of the photos are not the best, why is that if i have a good resolution images? how many dpi did you use?


That doesn’t look like a problem with image size but with some other modification or slider conflict with another slider plugin or something between those lines.

Please post your website URL whee this slider appears and I will have a look what is going on. If your website is on localhost, just publish when everything else is ready and will try to help you from there as this looks like a minor problem.