Sparkling theme 2.4.8

Hi there,

I have all the same errors with the new sparkling theme 2.4.8 as with 2.4.7.
I hope somebody can help me to fix these, thank you.

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Hi Marx

Sorry, If its small CSS problems I can help you with that, if something else you have to wait for February update,

Hi Colorlib,

I think it can be css, because it does not work well with wordpress 5.5.3 and php 7.4 and old version sparkling theme 2.3.2 works well with it. I have sparkling theme 2.4.8 in my site at the moment, you can look, at any time.

Wordpress 5.6 and 5.5.3 works differently with flexslider and i am not using php 8. With wp 5.6 it has just first image without slider and with wp 5.5.3 as i mentioned before (screenshot). At the moment it is with wp 5.6, but i can downgrade back to 5.5.3.

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Your issues do not appear to be related to the theme itself. Could you please disable the WP Fastest Cache plugin or at least disable minify/combination part of the JavaScript files and see if that fixes the issue?

Hi Aigars,

WP Fastest Cache and Fast Velocity Minify is disabled.Clear browsing data - All time - Cleared. Gtmetrix page size is bigger now, all is same, no changes to the page itself. I live these two plugins disabled at the moment.

I went back to Sparkling theme 2.3.2. Can i send my theme files and css files to colorlib to look, i cant figure it out why old theme works well and newer ones not? All my plugins are updated to the latest. I can also send logins, if needed.

With gratitude,

I also have still the same problem with the flexslider but it seems to affect only Firefox.
After clearing the cache and opening the website in a new tab bizarrely the slider is sometimes working until reloading the page or navigating to another sub-page.
This behavior appears since updating Wordpress to version 5.6. Nothing else has been changed. Maybe Firefox is doing something differently like other browsers or whatever.

Edit: I’ve just tested it again and was also able to reproduce this also behaviour in after page reload but not as consistent as in Firefox. Sometimes the flexslider works in chromium and sometims only the latest image is displayed statically.

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Hi again,

I did send my theme files and css download link to Contact us - Colorlib

What i can do more to fix this? Thank you.

With gratitude,

Hi Marx

Can you please list your updated problem here?

Hi Support,

Did you get my file? I can send you more information or logins, if needed.

It starts with Sparkling theme 2.3.5 up to 2.4.8. I do not know what theme changes are making it, 2.3.2 is the latest working, after that, its most the same.

First i would like to get solution for questions 1 - 3. Thank you.

  1. Sparkling theme 2.3.2 header menu is more compact and navbar can be clicked easly, it should be like that.

  1. First slide is on top of text, starting from slide two, it is in correct position after that.

  1. Navbar menu links are clickable only on top of text, text area is in incorrect color if not hovered over text, text should be white (fff), when menu is opened and mouse is on top of that menu.

Sparkling theme question came up for me in december 2020, after i updated wordpress to the latest, wp 5.6 does not work well with Sparkling theme 2.3.2 Two my previous support questions are closed.

I hope you all well.

With gratitude,

Hi Support,

No reply in one week and you have not downloaded my theme files and css download link (, that i sent more than week ago.

Incorrect text color question can be fixed with css, i think? Why navbar links are clickable only on top of text and not also from this green menu area, like before? First and third question should be possible to fix before new february update?

With gratitude,

Sorry for the delay Marx

.nav>li {
margin: 0px 10px;

  1. I can’t replicate this problem, Screenshot by Lightshot which browser you re using?

  2. Not the same for me, I really cant replicate this probelm on my side: Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi Support,

1.It changes menu width more compact with minus.
nav>li {
margin: 0px -10px;
2.Edge, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, it is with all browsers.
3.Please look now, it is updated to the latest 2.4.8 again (cant hold broken site up all the time)
4.Can you confirm now, that you see it or not (chache plugin disabled)? file still not downloaded, i can send link again or how to send it privately?

Edit: Can i put working theme version back now, have you looked it already?

Thank you,

hi Marx

  1. is there anything else?
  2. Ok, still cant see it but I think this css can do a trick:

div.flexslider {
min-height: 440px !important;
3. ok, now it’s visible but as I can see this is a conflict of your customization, these CSS codes need to be removed or modified

.navbar-nav .dropdown-menu>li a {
background-color: #363636;

.navbar-default li:hover a {
color: #77a464;

I don’t download it because I have all your problems here

Hi Support,

Thank you for the reply and solution so far.

  1. At the moment no.
  2. This is now good with wordpress 5.5.3, with wp 5.6.1, it is first static slide, nothing more.
  3. I have removed these css, but menu colors are different without hover, no #77a464 color, just white.
  4. All the navbar menu is not clickable, just text is clickable on that navbar.

With gratitude,

  1. ok, in this case, you need to modify it to not have a conflict,
  2. not sure what you mean by that, the menu works normally for me
  1. I just need to change text color without hover back to 77a464 (TELLIMUS, LOGI SISSE) and with hover to this color 77a464 area and to this OSTUKORV text area, text should be fff all that time.

  2. With Sparkling Theme 2.3.2 color 77a464 area is also clickable with OSTUKORV text and with 2.4.8 it is not possible. With Sparkling theme 2.4.8 it is possible to click only in OSTUKORV text, but not in this color area 77a464. With Sparkling theme 2.3.2 mouse hand cursor is in OSTUKORV text and color 77a464 area (all clickable) and in sparkling theme 2.4.8 mouse hand cursor is in OSTUKORV text area and in this color 77a464 area is just plain mouse cursor without mouse hand cursor (not all clickable, just OSTUKORV text is clickable).

I hope i did explain it better now, Thank you.

What should i do with the footer, i have used full size page layout here. How i disable sidebar in the footer with 2.4.8, footer is clean with sparkling theme 2.3.2. Thank you.

Link: Viljapuuaia - HingeTee

I think that support has all the information now, i thank you for these two css solutions. Do you have more solutions for all my questions about theme update from 2.3.2 to 2.4.8?

I turn back to 2.32 now, with gratitude and love.

Wordpress 5.7 stable is out, how far is new sparkling theme major update? Thank you.


it will be available, however I cant provide any ETA

Please fix menu click issue in this new release, i would like to click not only text.

Thank you, i will wait.