Sparkling theme 2.4.8

hi Marx

  1. is there anything else?
  2. Ok, still cant see it but I think this css can do a trick:

div.flexslider {
min-height: 440px !important;
3. ok, now it’s visible but as I can see this is a conflict of your customization, these CSS codes need to be removed or modified

.navbar-nav .dropdown-menu>li a {
background-color: #363636;

.navbar-default li:hover a {
color: #77a464;

I don’t download it because I have all your problems here

Hi Support,

Thank you for the reply and solution so far.

  1. At the moment no.
  2. This is now good with wordpress 5.5.3, with wp 5.6.1, it is first static slide, nothing more.
  3. I have removed these css, but menu colors are different without hover, no #77a464 color, just white.
  4. All the navbar menu is not clickable, just text is clickable on that navbar.

With gratitude,

  1. ok, in this case, you need to modify it to not have a conflict,
  2. not sure what you mean by that, the menu works normally for me
  1. I just need to change text color without hover back to 77a464 (TELLIMUS, LOGI SISSE) and with hover to this color 77a464 area and to this OSTUKORV text area, text should be fff all that time.

  2. With Sparkling Theme 2.3.2 color 77a464 area is also clickable with OSTUKORV text and with 2.4.8 it is not possible. With Sparkling theme 2.4.8 it is possible to click only in OSTUKORV text, but not in this color area 77a464. With Sparkling theme 2.3.2 mouse hand cursor is in OSTUKORV text and color 77a464 area (all clickable) and in sparkling theme 2.4.8 mouse hand cursor is in OSTUKORV text area and in this color 77a464 area is just plain mouse cursor without mouse hand cursor (not all clickable, just OSTUKORV text is clickable).

I hope i did explain it better now, Thank you.

What should i do with the footer, i have used full size page layout here. How i disable sidebar in the footer with 2.4.8, footer is clean with sparkling theme 2.3.2. Thank you.

Link: Viljapuuaia - HingeTee

I think that support has all the information now, i thank you for these two css solutions. Do you have more solutions for all my questions about theme update from 2.3.2 to 2.4.8?

I turn back to 2.32 now, with gratitude and love.

Wordpress 5.7 stable is out, how far is new sparkling theme major update? Thank you.


it will be available, however I cant provide any ETA

Please fix menu click issue in this new release, i would like to click not only text.

Thank you, i will wait.

@marx-veix what I can say for sure is that problem is reported :slight_smile: developers will fix it

Hi Colorlib,

I kindly would like to know, how far is the update, any ETA available by now? Thank you in advance!

With gratitude,

Hi there

Im sorry but I cant provide any ETA, :frowning:

I wait, i hope that it will be released this month or at least next one :slight_smile:

Thank you

I hope so Marx :slight_smile:

Thanks for understanding

Hi again,

June is here, do you have any info to share publicly?

Thank you,

Hi Marx

Im sorry but nothing yet :frowning:

I’m sorry but update of the theme is not yet released :frowning:

Hi Colorlib,

Strange to ask again, but wordpress 5.9 already coming out 25 January 2022 and i would like to know if i stay with this theme or it is time to move on for me.

Also it seems that latest sparkling theme has security issue.

We are one week away from one year when i started this sparkling theme 2.4.8 topic and even more from 2.4.7 when these questions came up for me, it was 20 december 2020.

Is it safe to use this 4 months old version or where to get latest beta version?

Thank you and i hope you all well.

With gratitude and love,

Hi @marx-veix

Well, the problem is already reported and the appropriate person knows about it, but I can’t say when it will be fixed or resolved,

Hi again,

What is new in Sparkling theme 2.4.9 version? Thank you!

With gratitude,

Hi Marx

Sorry, I don’t have a changelog yet but you can view this page to see the files changed from version 2.4.7 to version 2.4.9