Sparkling widgets not translated by Polylang

Similar to the issue mentioned here for the Shapely theme, the Sparkling theme specific widgets (such as the Sparkling Social Widget) don’t get their title translated by PolyLang, although a translation is foreseen in the Polylang string translations configuration.

These Sparlking widgets are the only ones (on my website) with this wrong behaviour.

Example here Sing Along ! – The Singing sessions where “Pour ne manquer aucun de nos événements” should be translated by “To miss none of our events” .

Note that “Prochains évènements” is correclty translated by “Next events”. This is an Events Maker widget.



Hi Laurent,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I checked the sparkling widgets code but didn’t find anything wrong in it.

Could you please contact PolyLang support regarding this?

Best Regards,