Static Front Page Formatting and Hyperlink Colour

I have two paragraphs in my front page containing one hyperlink. Firstly the formatting is all squashed together. There is just a spacebar where the paragraph should be and secondly the hypertext link is not underlined and it is the same colour as the rest of the text. It does change to blue when the cursor is hovered over the hyperlink.

I did a search on the forum and found a suggestion to add the following to additional CSS.

/Link color/
.markup-format a {
color: #8c979e;

but this did not affect the hyperilnk in question, only other hyperlinks on other areas of my website.

How do I adjust the colour of the hyperlink solely on my static front page and how can I ensure that the formatting comes through as typed?

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Could we get a link to this page as the description is not all that clear and also so that we can try to see if we can get the links in the paragraphs to appear better.


Sure, thank you. It’s

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To make the links stand out there use this CSS:

div a{

add it to appearance \ customize - additional css.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. How about the formatting?

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The formatting appears fine on my end, can you add an image of the issue with formatting?

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I have combined two images in to one. The top is how it appears on the website and the bottom is how it appears in wp-admin with the paragraph formatted.

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Try to use

tag instead of enter and let me know what happens

I can’t find any open topic for my issue. I hope someone can help me with this. The title page of my blog contains the text “front page” in it. Would anyone know how to remove it and just leave the blog title. Thanks in advance.


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Please create a new thread for this issue so that we can assist you specifically.

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<br> worked. Thank you!

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oK, I will close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!