Static front page in different languages?

I am trying to have several versions of my front page in different languages. Currently I am using plugin called Polylang, and through it I made a copy of the front page, but any change on one of the two affects the other, and string translations dont affect the Shapely static frontpage.

How do I have two static front pages in different languages? Do I have to change language through divs or variables or such? Do you have any pointers? I can translate it manually, I just need the option to write the text in different languages.

Using Shapely.

Thank you

Nevermind figured it out. Can close/delete the thread.

Hi @neffy,
I have exactely the same problem :frowning: I am translating a website from french to english.
I am using polylang with Shapely, pages can be transalted, but front page and widget doesn t work.
I have all the field to edit in “Language / transltate fields” ;
Also I can insert what ever I want , it doesn t affect the widgets in my front page. I still have the orgiginal frontpage (which is french) for my english version.

Ok the solution can be found here :

You have to duplicate all the widget of the front page for each language! That gona take time :smiley:
Would have been cool to have a simple file to translate x)
Then you have to select for each widget the language. “only in english” or “only in french”…

Have fun